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Your Official destination of all things The Brave. From the studios of Pakaderm Records came to of the 90's best Christian Rock releases, Battle Cries & Trust. 2014 gave us Rise with 5 new singles and a new singer. 2021 will bring the 1st Full Length album of Original material to the masses since 1994. The album is a 12 song collection called Evie's Little Garden, and begins mixing this month with Grammy-Award winning Mix Engineer JR McNeely, with a new single to be released Spring 2021.

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Evie's Little Garden

The album is currently being mixed and mastered and is set to release on or before July 27, 2021. Get yours now!

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Run to You to be released worldwide on all digital media streaming platforms on June 1, 2021! 

The follow-up single to Evie's Little Garden, Run to You, will be released on Tuesday, June 1! Run to You is classic Brave - melodic vocals, thundering drums and bass, killer chorus and scorching guitars. It's something that could've come off of either of the groups 1st 2 albums, Battlecries or Trust, but it truly stands on its' own and it will have you singing along in no time! And yes, there will be a video that goes along with it! Stay tuned!

Evie's Little Garden Album Update 

Hey guys, Stayce here! I'm very excited to be back out here talking to Bravenation again. Just wanted to let you all know that we are close to finishing the final 2 tunes on the new album, Evie's Little Garden. The album will begin mixing in March. It has been quite the task of putting this together, particularly in a pandemic time. Add to that the fact that we aren't able to be in the same room together to do it - Freddy has been on a few tracks, and is somewhere in Southern California; Malcolm is in Indiana; John in Nashville, Tennessee, and me? Well, I'm in Lake Isabella, CA. Guys, this album is killer, and I think you're going to love it! It has hints of all 3 of our previous albums, but it will truly stand on it's own. It's my great thrill to be the singer on this one, and I have to tell you all - I think I've finally found something that I love doing as much as shredding guitar! I hope to have some samples up soon, and when the album is released - you will be able to get it here! Much love to you all, and I look forward to sharing this album with you all! God Bless, Stayce

Battle Cries is now on iTunes! 

We are pleased to announce that Battle Cries is now available Worldwide on all digital media outlets!

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God Bless!
Amanda, Stayce & Johnny

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