A Brief History...

The Brave is an American Rock Band hailing from the greater Los Angeles Area in Southern California, namely Lancaster. Originally signed to Pakaderm/Word Records in the early 90's, the band released two critically acclaimed albums (Battle Cries and Trust) under the Grammy award winning production of John and Dino Elefante and yielded 7+ Top 10 CCM singles. The original lineup consisted of Stayce Roberts and Freddy Tierra on dual guitars, Randy Roberts on drums, Malcolm Paris on bass, and James Salters on vocals. The Brave produced a huge arena rock sound, laden with fiery guitars and Def Leppard type harmonies rich in melody and attitude. Their debut album, Battle Cries, was mixed by none other than Neil Kernon (of Dokken and Queensryche fame), and together The Brave became a crowd and radio favorite. 

After surviving their first personnel changes, the band found themselves searching for a new singer for their next album (Stryper's Oz Fox was even considered); up to the plate stepped drummer Randy Roberts. Though more bluesy in style, Trust solidified The Brave as a serious contender, specifically as the entire music landscape changed before their eyes when groups like Soundgarden and Alice in Chains began to turn the tides musically. While some fans did not embrace the changes, a whole new group of listeners emerged, as well as new bassist Steve Irwin and drummer John Spittle. The band continued in its evolution and was just hitting its stride when their label, Pakaderm picked up and left for Nashville, and the group disbanded. 

Sadly, The Brave lost singer/drummer Randy Roberts in 2007. In tribute to their fallen brother, remaining members Stayce Roberts, Freddy Tierra, Steve Irwin, and other friends put on a concert in his name, and certainly, his presence was felt. In fact, it was this very event that caused the members to stir, and even consider reforming and working on something new. 20 years after the release of the Trust record, The Brave emerged with Rise, a 12 song collection of new material and re-recorded Brave classics. Rise featured the musical talents of Stayce Roberts on guitars, Brave-alumni Malcolm Paris and Steve Irwin on bass, on long time comrade Johnny Zimmerman on drums. Arguably, the greatest addition to the band was lead vocalist, Amanda Z. Her stellar vocal performances took The Brave's music to new heights on the powerful release. As the music fates would have it, this band was short lived. 

In 2021,  The Brave released their first full-length album of new, original material since 1994 with Evie's Little Garden. The album received critical acclaim, and it features 12 brand new tunes penned by longtime Brave songwriter Stayce Roberts. Roberts' last addition to The Brave lineage of killer tunes were 2014's, Tell Me Now, The Killing Floor, Somebody, Wither Me and I'm Your Reason, from the 2014 release, Rise. Time will tell if history will remember these new songs as some of their finest.

Fast forward to 2022, and the boys came crashing back with 13 new songs with another killer AOR smash in Gravedigger. Gravedigger picked up where ELG left off - they brought the anthems they are known for (BraveNation, Gravedigger & Temples), in addition to mid-tempo rock gold (Bad Day, Ghosts & The Undertaker) as well as ballads (Heaven Knows & AfterLife). True to form, The Brave is back and as brave as ever, preaching a message of hope and salvation, all gift wrapped in Pop-laden Rockers that anyone who is a fan of melodic hard rock can appreciate!

Battle Cries - 1991

Trust - 1994

Rise - 2014