Stayce Roberts - Songster, Lead Vox, Keys & Chop Shop

Stayce with two of his trusted Ibanez guitars!

Stayce spent his youth emulating the licks and tricks of his guitar heroes. He would spend countless hours learning note-for-note solos from the guitarists that he so loved. Over the years, Stayce has written songs with Grammy-Award winning pop group, All-4-One, as well as playing guitar on a couple of their albums. While guitar has always been his first love, songwriting is right there at the top, and is how he spends most of his free time. 

Evie's Little Garden found him honing a new craft - vocals. With Gravedigger, the growth was obvious. From the snarling verses in Ghosts to the soft melancholy delivery of Eternal, his vocal abilities seem to be coming into focus of who he is as a singer. Only time will tell how far this band can go with this dynamic!

2024 brings us a whole new chapter with a whole new range of versatility from Roberts. He reaches for the sky with When You Believe, belts out anthems like Knock Knock and My Extraordinary Life, and embraces the emotive melodic sensibilities of songs like Lifeline and Pieces. 


Birthplace: Menard, Texas

Instruments: Guitar, Piano, Vocals

Guitar Influences: Neal Schon, Jeff Watson, Paul Gilbert, Bruce Bouillet, Randy Rhoads, Eddie Van Halen

Vocal Influences: Jon Bon Jovi, Oni Logan, Joe Lynn Turner, Sammy Hagar, Eric Martin, Randy Roberts, Chris Cornell

Band Influences: The Beatles, Stryper, Eagles, Journey, Night Ranger, Foreigner, Def Leppard, Styx

GUITARS: Gibson Les Paul Standard(Red), Epiphone Les Paul(Black), Ibanez RG Series (Neon Yellow), Ibanez JEM Jr (Hot Pink), Fender American Stratocaster (Purple), Gretsch Hollow Body (White), Ibanez Iceman PS60 (Sparkle)

AMP: EVH 5150 III Stealth 100 Watt Half Stack / Line 6 Pedal Board