(Stayce Roberts / PANDAJAM MUSIC / ASCAP) 

I wake up in the morning and I crawl out of bed 
I see the devil in the corner just shaking his head 
He says I know who you are – yeah, I know every sin 
I say Not Today, Devil – I ain’t letting you in 

I’m feeling alright – got my shades in my hand 
It don’t matter what you say I know just who I am 
Got my Airbuds cranking out We Have a God 
Now let me tell you something that you don’t hear a lot 

I’m not gonna have a Bad Day 
Find a new place to haunt cause I know just what you want 
Another Bad Day 
You picked the wrong place to play – you won’t get in my way 
I know you’re Bad 

It’s an age old game and you play it so well 
But let me be clear devil you can go straight to hell 
I’ve got an angel to the left of me and one on the right 
And if you keep it up you can meet them both tonight 

I’m not gonna have a Bad Day 
Yeah I know just who you are so you won’t get very far 
Another Bad Day – Bad Day 
You picked the wrong place to play – so just stay out of my way 
I know you’re Bad

You’re always sneak-sneak-sneaking like a snake in the grass 
Trying to guilt me out from the sins of my past 
I’m a Born Again Believer so don’t get in my way 
You know it’s getting real quiet – you’ve got nothin’ to say 

I’m feeling alright – nothing’s bringing me down 
I’m gonna let my little light shine all over town 
And while you dance in the shadows just waiting to strike 
Let these seven little words haunt your dreams tonight