From the recording Evie's Little Garden

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He made the man from clay - Gave him the perfect way
For him to live in Eden all his days
He gave the breath of life - And made the man a wife
So He could take the loneliness away

He gave authority over everything
To the man and the one He called Eve
They promised to obey everything He would say
And they were promised an eternity

From somewhere in the grass he came
To take their innocence away

Somethings’ goin on down in Evie’s Little Garden
Somebody said they saw a snake
Hells’ breaking loose down in Evie’s Little Garden
And there’s gonna be some hell to pay –
There ain’t no garden anymore – There ain’t no garden any more

She saw him forge a grin – and thought she’d made a friend
As they conversed about the tree of life
He seemed so polite and made her take a bite
And Adam blamed it all upon the wife

He cursed the woman with birth and said, “You’ll work the earth
In the end, you’re both gonna die…”
The man was so ashamed cause now he shared the blame
And he’d regret it for the rest of his life

Somewhere the serpent held his grin
He’d introduced the world to sin